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Fibaro is a leader in Smart Home Automation, providing a high quality, complete system of Smart Home devices and home controllers in New Zealand Market.

Fibaro is the world’s leading wireless Smart Home automation technology Automated devices communicating with one another to perform various tasks. Each wireless device is given a unique identifier enabling them to work together in a secure mesh network.
Fibaro offers a wide range of devices to help you automate different areas and solutions in your home.

Other than their Smart Home controllers Fibaro also offers a variety of excellent devices to help automate different areas and solutions in your home.
Some popular Fibaro Smart Home solutions include, lighting automation, sensors, Smart Home security, water damage protection, intelligent scene control, roller shutter switches, key-fobs, garage doors and gate automation more. Additionally, you can use the Fibaro Z-Wave Implant to add more sensor by allowing Z-Wave compatibility.
To help you automate these solutions Fibaro has devices such as dimmers, switches, RGBW controllers, motion sensors,
Home Centre 3 is the latest smart-home management controller from Fibaro Group.
If you’re interested about what a Fibaro home automation system can do for you get in touch with us today to book a consult with our qualified installers.

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