Arrowhead alarms

We are certified installers of Arrowhead Alarm products, Integration of Simple wired & wireless solutions available to manage functions such as security systems lighting, heating, hot water, access control, gates from your remote, alarm keypad, or smartphone app.

All our systems allow remote access to your alarm panel to control certain functions. Perhaps you want to be informed when a selected user has disarmed the system, maybe to reassure you the kids are home safely the opportunities are endless.

Our staff will provide you with a free no obligation site survey to determine the best access control system for your Home or business. Using the best access control technology available, our staff will recommend a cost-efficient solution to you.


This way you’ll know, even in the most demanding environments, you’re getting a system that meets expectations.

Our systems are built to strict industry standards for installation, testing and commissioning, built by highly qualified staff skilled in supply, installation, and support. Our system are created especially for your home or business.

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Our Guarantee
To You.

Frontier Electrical offer dedication to the Quality, Capability, and Reliability of our people, workmanship, and solutions.

We are Members of Master Electricians NZ which means we must pass a regular quality assurance audit. As a part of Master Electricians NZ, Frontier Electrical offers a free $20,000 workmanship guarantee.

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